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Carefully Selected And Prepared

Choose the best option for your Business

Dedicated Agents

  • You select the team members to fill a specific full time role
  • Agents develop a deep understanding of the role, 
  • Direct communication means quicker responses and better integration with your team
  • You control training, workflows, and performance management

Best for:

  • Roles that require in depth understanding and expertise
  • Tasks that have consistent volume

Flex Staffing

  • Balboa trains and staffs sufficient agents to support your needs across all days and hours.  You only pay for what you use.
  • Agents are always available to maximize speed to lead on call campaigns.
  • During periods of low volume, you do not carry the staff cost. 
  • We oversee agent and team performance, providing real time online reporting and analysis

Best for:

  • Roles that have highly variable task volume
  • Tasks where speed of accomplishment is important

About Us

Balboa Digital specializes in providing professional off-shore call center agents. Agents can be dedicated to a role or used in a flex capacity.  You can choose to have agents log into your telephone system and CRM, or they can use our systems.  We support a variety of roles including sales development as well as back office functions.  Each agent is thoroughly  trained and vetted prior to being assigned a dedicated role, ensuring they are reliable, capable, and committed to your success.

Our Services

We extend and enhance your business

Our clients plug us in to:

We Operate in Your World

We support many industries, including:

Clinical Research

We provide inbound and outbound calls for clinical trial clients, screen individuals interested in joining clinical trials, and follow-up calls for current participants.


We handle inbound and outbound calls for Legal marketing services, taking calls from individuals seeking an attorney in their area, and providing qualification and warm transfer to the legal office as needed.

Personal Finance

We support debt settlement clients by contacting and qualifying individuals interested in improving their financial situation through debt settlement, credit counseling, or credit repair services.


We contact, qualify, and warmly transfer individuals interested in continuing education with our education services clients.


We help mortgage clients, lenders, and marketing partners, by contacting and qualifying individuals who have expressed interest in securing a loan.


We support automotive marketing clients by reaching customers interested in purchasing a vehicle and connecting them with a local dealer. Also, providing follow-up to car buyers to ensure satisfaction with their experience.


We assist our insurance clients by contacting and qualifying individuals who have expressed an interest in their services.

Why Choose Balboa Digital

Friendly, professional team members to support your brand

White-listed, branded outbound numbers for higher contact and engagement

Lightning-fast “speed to lead” for real time response

Scalable, flexible staffing - use only what you need

Online reporting and access to call recordings

Simple, fast integration

What Our Clients Say

{We've used Balboa Digital as an extension of our team since 2013. They partnered with us to develop an outbound calling process that confirms interest in a Penn Foster program before transferring a prospective student to the Admissions team. The result is a better overall experience with less time leaving voicemails and more time helping students.”{
Mark Slayton
Penn Foster
{We've worked with Balboa Digital since 2012. They are consistent, responsive, and provide analytics that help us continue to improve.{
Chris Braun
{Balboa Digital serves as an extension to our Sales and Marketing departments. They enhance our client contact strategy through outbound calling programs and allow us to maintain our client responsiveness during peak volume intervals.{
Joe Kotula
ClearOne Advantage
{Balboa Digital is always highly responsive and reliable. Their tech team quickly works through any requests to support our mutual goals{
Andy Northcutt
Legal Brand Marketing

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