Back Office Support

We do more than just calls. Utilize our team members for back office support functions such as data entry or quality assurance.

We support clients by handling components of their internal business processes. This can include appointment setting and follow-up communications.

Balboa can customize its services for each client based on their process and business needs, including the use of client systems. APIs are used to integrate processes between Balboa and the client team for effective communication.

As a result, the customer experience becomes seamless and increases efficiency. For example, for processes that involve outbound calling, white-listed, client-branded phone numbers are used to optimize customer contact rates and engagement.


  • Provide efficiency, consistency and scale for internal business processes where direct contact is required, inbound or outbound, with our client’s clients.
  • High-quality staff trained to follow the designated process.
  • Flexible staffing model scales to meet demand; pay only for usage.
  • Real-time reporting and API integrations.
  • 90%+ of outbound calls branded with client information and spam-labeling prevention, both ensuring highest contact and successful outcome rates.
  • Regulatory compliant calling.

Why Choose Balboa Digital

Friendly, professional team members to support your brand

White-listed, branded outbound numbers for higher contact and engagement

Lightning-fast “speed to lead” for real time response

Scalable, flexible staffing - use only what you need

Online reporting and access to call recordings

Simple, fast integration

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