Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Inbound call qualification and appointment setting or outbound contact to prospective participants.

Balboa Digital provides clinical trial patient recruitment, appointment setting, and follow-up services for clients involved in medical research.

Our empathetic team carefully follows client protocols to identify qualified participants and assist them in their journey. Our team scales to handle all client inquiries or to provide overflow support. We are available 365 days, in all time zones, to manage both inbound and outbound contact programs. With our flex model, clients only pay for services they use.

We use client-branded, white-listed phone numbers to ensure high contact and engagement rates. Operations are HIPAA-compliant, and all outbound contacts comply with federal and state regulations.


  • Empathetic, skilled agents
  • Flexible staffing model scales up and down, to meet demand
  • Handle some or all calls, in any time zone, every day of the year
  • 90%+ of outbound calls branded with client information and spam-labeling prevention, ensuring highest contact and successful outcome rates
  • Regulatory compliant calling
  • HIPAA compliant operations

Why Choose Balboa Digital

Friendly, professional team members to support your brand

White-listed, branded outbound numbers for higher contact and engagement

Lightning-fast “speed to lead” for real time response

Scalable, flexible staffing - use only what you need

Online reporting and access to call recordings

Simple, fast integration

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