Flexibility and consistency built-in

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We’re plugged in

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Third Party


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and Continuity

Our problems should not become yours

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To provide our clients with consistent, high-quality call center services, we employ a diverse set of tools. They are best in class and ensure ease of integration, quality calls, consistent uptime, real-time reporting, and compliance with all state and federal regulations.

We use Amazon Web Services to provide a cloud experience with redundancy in North America and Asia. Twilio-based phone systems provide reliable high-quality phone connections.  Utilizing our proprietary CRM, gives us the flexibility to integrate with our client’s systems, provide real-time reporting, and customize each program.

Custom Platform

Flexibility and consistency built-in

Our proprietary contact management platform has been built and upgraded over the past 10+ years. It supports features critical to our clients, including:

  • Supports all clients
  • Handles all Inbound/outbound calls and message
  • API architecture to receive and post data to/from client and partner systems
  • Web data leads scrubbed against TCPA litigator, internal and client DNC lists
  • System automatically prioritizes and assigns tasks to agents
  • Agent scripts utilize a branching system with built-in FAQs/knowledge base
  • Federal and state dialing rules enforced
  • Call branding applied to outbound calls, where possible

Online portal provides real-time performance reporting and other essential utilities

Twilio Based Communications

We’re plugged in

Our proprietary contact management system is fully integrated with Twilio’s cloud-based telephony and messaging APIs. This integration enables impressive flexibility in our systems for number provisioning, tracking, recording, queueing and, CallerIDs. Twilio’s international footprint within Amazon Cloud Services provides regional network end-points for connectivity to their systems from around the world, which helps us achieve low-latency, high-quality calls. We’re a proud member of the Twilio Contact Center Advisory Board.

Third Party Integrations


Although every client implementation requires custom configuration and integration, we have integrated MANY, MANY proprietary and commercial CRM and lead management systems. If we’re not already integrated with your toolset, we can do so very quickly. To name a few:


Redundancy and Continuity

Our problems should not become yours

Consistent with our approach to security, we strive to maintain appropriate redundancies and fail-safes in our operations. Twilio and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are among those foundations. As part of our continuity platform, we distribute our proprietary applications across multiple AWS regions and replicate our core data repository in real-time to a “hot” backup instance. We are always looking for opportunities to improve our continuity posture. In addition, applications and connectivity are continuously monitored for service availability.

Our Approach

Flexible Staffing Model

Pay only for what you use. We utilize a “flexible staffing” model, which allows our clients to only pay for what they use.

Our Flexible Staffing Model

Our Team

You’ll sleep better while we’re awake. Our team will provide quality contact center services for client contact services in all needed time zones.

Our Team

Client Success

Happy clients don’t leave. With over 75 years of experience building quality customer service experiences and supporting online marketing, we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to develop any program.

Our Client Success

Why Choose Balboa Digital

Friendly, professional team members to support your brand

White-listed, branded outbound numbers for higher contact and engagement

Lightning-fast “speed to lead” for real time response

Scalable, flexible staffing - use only what you need

Online reporting and access to call recordings

Simple, fast integration

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