Client Branded Phone Number Provisioning

Branded, white-listed phone numbers for use by client team to improve contact rates and engagement rates and improve regulatory compliance.

Balboa utilizes white-listed, client-branded phone numbers for outbound calling programs to communicate and engage with interested consumers more effectively. It’s crucial to make calls that will reach consumers in an era of robodialing and call blocking at the provider and phone level.

Balboa has developed an integrated system that ensures 90% of outbound calls will reach consumers displaying the client’s name in partnership with vendors selected by the carriers. In many cases, the client brand and a message showing the call’s purpose will be displayed on the consumer’s phone. This leads to higher contact rates and significantly higher engagement with potential customers.

Additionally, Balboa can provision white-listed, branded phone numbers to be used by the client team for their outbound calling efforts.  Utilize this service to improve your calling results.

Emphasis & Features

  • Call branding presents the client’s name, location, logo and reason for calling; specific presentation limited only by end-user handset and carrier capabilities.
  • 90%+ of all outbound calls currently branded, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and smaller networks.
  • Branding drives higher contact rates, better engagement rates and more positive call outcomes.
  • Branding also includes number white-listing to prevent spam labeling.
  • Balboa can apply branding to outbound numbers owned and used by clients.

Why Choose Balboa Digital

Friendly, professional team members to support your brand

White-listed, branded outbound numbers for higher contact and engagement

Lightning-fast “speed to lead” for real time response

Scalable, flexible staffing - use only what you need

Online reporting and access to call recordings

Simple, fast integration

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