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Balboa Digital Migrates to Twilio

Posted: 01/27/2015

Balboa Digital completes a custom integration with Twilio to bring new and improved capabilities to clients, and to improve agent productivity. Full Story

TCPA Comes of Age - Automated dialing to cell phones result in a wave of large settlements

Posted: 11/17/2014

The number of TCPA-related class action law suits remains substantial. Over $200 million in settlements reached during the past 6 months. If your company makes outbound calls to consumers, you may be at risk. Full Story

Job Posting New Client Development Manager

Posted: 07/07/2014

Balboa Digital is hiring for a New Client Development Manager. The New Client Development Manager is responsible for creating new client relationships and introducing them to our services and team. This is a "work from home" position, and may be a part time or full time arrangement. It is ideal for someone who has worked in a business development role in the online lead generation industry and is looking to leverage their experience and relationships. Full Story

Top 5 Misconceptions of International Call Centers

Posted: 07/01/2014

If you are currently using in house resources to support call center activities, you may be considering partnering with an international call center as a more cost effective option to handle some of the less complex calls. Here are some common misconceptions about using an international call center you may come across. Full Story

Thinking About an Outsourced Call Center? - Ten Things to Consider

Posted: 06/25/2014

Outsourced Call Centers have become an integral part of the Online Lead Generation Industry. They are used to generate new leads as well as verify, qualify, and warm transfer leads. They are utilized by lead generators, aggregators, and buyers. If you are considering the use of an outsourced call center, or if you make or take calls in-house today and wonder about outsourcing, there are numerous things to consider. We reveal our top 10. Full Story