Balboa Digital Migrates to Twilio

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...much of Balboa Digital's success was based on its flexibility to meet its clients' unique needs for technical integration and telephony support. By 2012, client needs exceeded the capabilities of Balboa's prior telephony vendor and a migration to another telephony solution was imminent. They turned to Twilio as the standout platform that would help them provide their clients with the highest quality call center solutions, flexibility to meet varied client needs, and at a very competitive cost...


...Balboa needed to find a provider that delivered flexibility, comprehensive services, customizable solutions and great customer service – all at an affordable, competitive cost...


...Balboa selected Twilio because the platform was designed for integration and came with competitive pay-as-you-go prices. With Twilio, Balboa Digital was able to quickly and easily onboard contact center agents anywhere in the world, at a low cost. Plus, many fundamental call center features are available as part of the Twilio platform: queuing, recording, conferencing, and reporting

Twilio enabled Balboa to easily replicate, improve and integrate all their existing call center features -– directory, user availability, queue viewer, voicemail, conferencing, reporting and more – into custom software, while allowing for a gentle migration path. Thanks to Twilio’s flexibility, Balboa was able to parse their migration into standalone call center functionality that provided immediate client value without downtime. "The migration to Twilio was relatively invisible to clients, which speaks very highly of Twilio's ease of use and flexibility to deliver extremely customized solutions," recalls Kevin Wagoner, Managing Partner at Balboa Digital...


...For Balboa Digital, the decision to migrate to Twilio has been critical to winning new clients and keeping existing customers highly satisfied. According to Wagoner, 'ROI is best measured by our growing list of happy clients. Our customers are wonderful business references and profess that Balboa Digital has always been able to say ‘yes’ to complex telephony requirements.'

Twilio has helped Balboa to reduce costs otherwise spent on buying and shipping hard phones. They’ve also increased the speed with which they can deploy new human resources globally, allowing for new revenue to be realized days sooner for each opportunity...

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